Ron Chevalier

By means of 25 years’ experience in Financial Services, Fundraising, Business Consultation, and Corporate Leadership, Mr. Ron R. Chevalier is CEO of Kharisma Group, LLC and has worked in the entertainment industry for over eleven years. His focus lies mainly with Film & Television Entertainment projects, project financing, and business consultation. Such work includes serving as a top executive and partnering closely with the CEO of FFA Entertainment, and Greenstem Enterprise, LLC to lead the companies to financial sustainability.

Following his successful career in corporate management and Business Start-ups, Mr. Chevalier now advises media companies, non-profit organizations, and consumer product/service companies on the enhancement of sales, brand awareness, fundraising and the improvement of public relationships.

Mr. Chevalier has a compelling appeal that attracts business entities, profit and non-profit alike, to seek out his guidance and utilize his expertise on their board. Among such organizations is Global Insular Conservation Society (GICS); an organization that preserves endangered species and habitats in the Bahamas and South America.

In addition to his interest in helping non-profit organizations, Mr. Chevalier also has a passion for the arts; he has successfully raised funds for businesses committed to Film, Television, and Music projects providing coaching services to several clients. He also enjoys singing in gospel groups!

He is a California native and is father to three sons; ages 29, 26, and 17 years. His favorite past times are golf, tennis, chess, boating, and many outdoor sports!