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Reasons for the cause in a "nut-shell":

One in four children have learning differences and impediments which bar them from accessing their educational programs. The Federal law mandates that all children be provided with a "Free and Appropriate Public Education" designed to meet their unique needs.

When parents attempt to access these rights for their disabled children they are met with resistance and retaliation from school districts. Rather than implementing their allotted federal funds for the benefit of disabled children, school districts are paying high priced law firms to discourage and frustrate parents.

Meanwhile, children are suffering, many of them end up in psychiatric hospitals after suicide attempts and psychological breakdowns. By nature, children want to please the adults in their lives. Continual school failure affects their self-esteem and desire to meet the challenges of daily school life. These children are suffering and so are their families.

In order to protect their rights, families are taking second mortgages on their homes and going into debt to finance special education litigation. They need equal firepower in order to prevail against school districts. This scenario is appalling in light of the fact that your tax dollars and mine are used to fight parents in their efforts to educate their children.


  • Raja, thanks again for giving so much of your time yesterday. It's so refreshing to hear your story and advise especially knowing that you've been down this same path.

    I, like you, have an unrelenting desire to help my child grow and develop so in the end he knows that he's special, his self-esteem is strong and that he was loved every step of the way. I've been in his shoes and I know how difficult it can be. I can't thank you enough!

    ---- John