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Patricia Saint James

Patricia Saint James

Realtor and Founder/CEO of Saint James Cosmetics, Enhancement in Fashion, Beauty & Skincare.

“Beauty That’s Love from Within” has always been Ms. Saint James’ motto for life and in business. She has always had high hopes, dreams, and aspirations of becoming a successful entrepreneur. She realized that perseverance, determination, and faith in God are the keys to success, so she created an excellent foundation to manifest her dreams. 

Patricia is a multifaceted person with numerous abilities and skills to accomplish whatever she sets out to do. She was a high achiever in high school as a member of the student council, school newspaper, and also the Honor Society and Homecoming Queen.

The extraordinary experience of growing up as a Girl Scout was instrumental in shaping her life.  Once becoming a mother, having a son, this inspired her to become a leader for Boy Scouts. This encouraged her son who achieved Eagle Scout.  She was the publicity chairman for Saint John Fisher Catholic School and helped to create successful fundraisers for the private institution in Palos Verdes. 

Patricia with her diverse and eclectic background, coupled with her passion for inspiring beauty to help women build their self-esteem. She did this by developing one’s own individual look that suits their lifestyle as well as enhance their physical appearance and spiritual and mental attitude as well. “We teach you how to be proud of who you are, inside and out.” She has received numerous certificates for cosmetology and beauty care while giving back to the community. “I’m every woman and you can be too!”

She has served as Mistress of Ceremonies for several successful charitable events. Her life has been an exhilarating thrill ride of opportunities and memories. She is not saying that to impress you, but to impress on you that you too can achieve anything you desire by putting God first and showing up!

Ms. Saint James, enjoys the company of influential politicians, and distinguished business leaders and has worked with dozens of notable entertainers and celebrities with their fashion styles, makeovers and skincare, donating beauty products for their charities. 

As a political activist, she made several trips to the White House meeting former Presidents: Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., and George Bush Jr. including Vice- President Dan Quayle and the Secretary Of The Treasury Donald T. Regan. On the local political level, she was honored to be recognized by the late Mayor Tom Bradley, as well as local businesses, associations, organizations, and universities with numerous Proclamations and Certificates of Acknowledgement as an influential leader and entrepreneur.

Patricia attended Columbia School of Broadcasting, where she hosted her own media talk show which allowed her to inspire, meet and network with like-minded businesswomen. 

One of her latest endeavors focuses on the entertainment business as an actor, model, and the Director of Operations for BzSpotlight (an entertainment marketing company). 

Ms. Saint James has donated her time and energy to help manage programs that enhance the lives of children and their families. A member of PV Jr’s (Shelters for homeless mother & children) Board of Directors member of The Jonathan Foundation (an organization that addresses the needs of children with educational, emotional, and behavioral challenges) and The Michael J Christopher Foundation (providing orphaned children a better future through education worldwide from Haiti to Madagascar).  A member of a women’s organization GSFE – Global Society Female Entrepreneur and I AM A SUPERWOMAN CLUB from London, England (just to name a few). 

Remember to create what you want in three simple steps: Ask, Believe, and Receive 

+ Asking: make sure you are clear about what you want. 
+ Believing: involves acting, speaking and thinking as though you already received it.
+ Receiving: involves feeling the way you will feel once your desires have manifested.

Create your day in advance by thinking the way you want it to go and you will create your LIFE INTENTIONALLY.


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