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Richard Isaacs

Richard Isaacs

Rich Isaacs is the founder of California Special Needs Law Group.
His small town roots shaped his belief in the strength of a community-based approach to life and work.

Richard is one of the newer board members at The Jonathan Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting families in accessing special education resources. As a special education attorney with 15 years of legal practice, Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the organization.

Richard is the founder of California Special Needs Law Group, A Professional Law Corporation, located in Newport Beach, California. His firm specializes in advocating for the rights of children with special needs and their families, ensuring each child receives the appropriate support and services they require to fully access and benefit from their education. 

With a deep commitment to helping families navigate the complex landscape of special education, Richard is honored to be a part of The Jonathan Foundation. He firmly believes in the importance of special education assessments, as they play a critical role in understanding how each child learns and accesses their education. Through his work with the foundation, Richard strives to ensure that families have the resources and support they need to access these assessments and advocate for their children’s educational needs.

In addition to his legal practice and board membership, Richard is a sought-after guest speaker on matters related to special education law. He frequently presents at parent groups, professional trainings for educators, and legal practitioners, sharing his expertise and empowering others with the knowledge to effectively navigate the special education system.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Richard cherishes spending time with his family. He understands the importance of balance and finds solace in nature, often seeking opportunities to immerse himself in the great outdoors.

Richard’s unwavering dedication to advocating for children with special needs and his extensive experience in special education law make him an invaluable asset to The Jonathan Foundation’s board. His passion for creating a more inclusive and equitable education system shines through in his work, and he remains committed to empowering families and championing their rights.

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