Founder & President

Raja has been faced with several challenges in today's Special Education system. For the past several years she has been advocating, without legal representation, on behalf of both her boys in an effort to obtain educational services that her boys were in dire need of. Block walls, novice district personnel and political red tape have been a tremendous hurdle for Raja to overcome, who was forced to finally hire legal representation.

Her children paid the highest price possible for a Free and Appropriate Public Education. It is from the eyes of her children and living through their trials and tribulations, during their schooling, is where her passion stems from. The experience that Raja has acquired from the school districts, with respect to Special Education and how unjustly her boys were treated because of the system, is priceless. Her strong compassion for these "innocent children", whom are victims of circumstance, gives her the willpower and the dedication that is needed to be 100% committed to the cause.

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